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Question 1

Should you find out what the homeschooling laws are in your state?

Yes! I don´t want to break any laws!
No! Laws?? We don´t need no stinkin´ laws!
Even though homeschooling is legal in all States and Provinces, you should still find out what requirements there might be.

Question 2

There are how many different recognized learning styles?

Too many to count!
There are seven recognized Learning Styles. Teaching your kids becomes, not easy, but easier, when you finally figure out what type of learner they are.

Question 3

Going to a <i>Homeschool Convention </i> is a waste of time, right?

Yes... Not only will you waste time, but you will waste money, too!
No... They can be great!
Homeschool conventions can be a great source of information... as long as you go to them with a plan of action.

Question 4

But won´t my kids become sheltered and have no social life?

Get used to having to answer questions about your child’s social skills! Homeschooled Children have plenty of opportunity to socialize!

Question 5

I don´t have a teaching certificate... I am not qualified to homeschool, am I?

Then you should throw in the towel now! There is no way you can homeschool!
You don´t need a teaching certificate! Any literate adult can homeschool their child.
Virtually every instruction book available - for math, English, history, writing - is self-explanatory because homeschooling is a do-it-yourself field.

Question 6

Homeschooling is so expensive, isn´t it?

No, homeschooling doesn´t have to be expensive at all! It is possible to homeschool for free!
Yes, it is very expensive. If you don´t spend at least $500 per child, you won´t do a good job!
Homeschooling can cost as little or as much as you want it to!

Question 7

My neighbors are so nosey... what should I do if they call the police?

Politly explain to the Police officer that you are homeschooling, and are well within your legal rights.
Lock the doors and hide in the basement until they leave.
Homeschooling is legal in all States and Provinces... Homeschoolers no longer need be afraid of getting in trouble for teaching their kids at home. We can be proud of our decision to homeschool and secure in the decision.

Question 8

A homeschooled highschooler can’t obtain a diploma, and then go to college, can they?

Sure they can! There are many ways to obtain a diploma!
No way! If you don´t go to school, you won´t get a diploma.
Depending on your state´s laws, your child will probably be able to get a high school diploma - if you seek to obtain one.

Question 9

I am not organized, so I can´t homeschool, right?

Yes, that´s right.
No! I can help you!
Staying organized is not as hard as it sounds. You just need a plan!

Question 10

Can homeschooled kids go to college?

Every major college and university accepts homeschooleds students; some even seek out college-bound homeschoolers because they are typically serious about learning and do not attend college to party. Recently, a university rejected a homeschooled student on the grounds that the student had not attended an accredited high school, despite the fact that his transcripts and SAT scores would have gained him admission to Harvard. The applicant took the school to court and won admission.

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