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Christian Homeschool Curriculum Conventions Are For You

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How do I know I will like a curriculum I purchase before I buy it?

Christian Homeschool Curriculum Conventions Are For You

If you are concerned about spending your money on Christian homeschool curriculum sight unseen, be on the lookout for used books sales by Christian homeschool groups. These sales are usually held in the early summer. This is when Christian parents are trying to get rid of last year's curriculum so they can purchase next year's books.

You can also check out Christian homeschooling conventions. You will have no problem locating one in your area. Just go to a
Christian curriculum website and they will list the dates and locations of the fairs. These curriculum conventions will give you the opportunity to look through many homeschooling programs in detail. You will also have access to sponsors who can answer any specific questions you may have about a curriculum. These curriculum conventions enable homeschooling families to make informed decisions on their purchases.



2/26/2007 10:47:27 AM said:

You mentioned lots of groups for my kid to join. I've been looking for a forum for my 10 year old. As I was checking out one such forum (which is apparently VERY poorly monitored) there was a post from user "suckmyc***b**** and several threads offering free porn and such. This was on a Christian forum. Like I said poorly monitored. Do you know of any well monitored forums for 9-12 year olds?


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