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Give Updates On Your Christian Homeschool

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How can a Christian homeschooling parent sway friends and relatives to embrace homeschooling?

Give Updates On Your Christian Homeschool

If you are a Christian homeschool parent, you will probably find that your decision to homeschool will be questioned by those closest to you. Well meaning family and friends may feel that your children will not receive the education they will need to succeed in life. They may also feel that your children will not have many friends or be as active as public school children.

One way to lessen these well meaning worries is to put out a monthly newsletter or a weekly blog. This newsletter or blog should be about your homeschooling family and what you have been doing. Include things of interest such as recaps of what your children have been doing with their time and be sure to publish pictures of your children. These could be pictures of crafts your children have made or field trips your children have been on. Other pictures could be of your children playing with their friends or doing interactive things such as cooking, reading to a sibling or playing on a sports team. Give regular updates about your children's schoolwork in your newsletter or blog. Provide a list of each child's reading list, spelling words, etc. Comment on their tests and the progress they are making. By getting on the offense you will probably find that your friends and family start looking forward to your updates. More times than not they will also warm to the concept of homeschooling.



6/14/2007 4:59:15 PM
Ron said:

It seems to me that you are only justifying outside concerns for Christian home school students by giving suggestions on how to portray an image to those questioning the methods. It worries me that you are not facing those concerns by suggesting that home school educators ensure their curricula is valuable and comparable to the education received from degree qualified and state certified teachers. Rather, you are telling parents to prepare a scrapbook to appeal to the emotions of those questioning the methods. While it may be effective in silencing concerns, it undermines the importance of our youths education. You can take a picture of a smiling child in Uganda, but it doesn't change reality.


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