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High School Homeschooling And Sleep Issues

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I can't get my teen out of bed to homeschool, do you have any advice?

High School Homeschooling And Sleep Issues

Many of you probably remember the days when your high school homeschooling teens were small. They would rise at the crack of dawn and wake everyone in the household. As the parent of teens you have probably noticed a dramatic switch in their sleep patterns. Teens are more active and awake at night and they have no problems sleeping past . Many people wrongfully assume this is laziness, but it is not. A study put out by Stanford University states that the sleep related hormone, melatonin, is secreted at different times in a teenagers body. This is important information for parents who homeschool teenagers. There is no rule stating that your teen is required to rise early in the morning to start homeschooling. On the contrary, many high school homeschooling teens do their best studying in the late afternoons and evenings. Allowing them to sleep in and do their work later in the day will not only cut down on conflicts but your teens will be studying when their brains are the most alert.



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