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High School Homeschool And Get Dual Credits

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How can my teens get the high school credits they need quickly?

High School Homeschool And Get Dual Credits

Many homeschooling families are surprised to learn that their high school homeschool teen could possibly take classes for dual credit at local community colleges. This means your teen could receive both high school and college credit for completed courses. Many community colleges open up their basic freshman classes for high schoolers who are juniors or seniors. The great thing about the classes is your child may receive more high school credit for the course than he would if he were studying the subject alone at home. For instance, some homeschool programs are setup to give a teen who takes one college level foreign language course two high school foreign language credits. This is a great way for teens to get the credits they need while learning how to behave in a college setting. In addition, when your teen enters college he will already have completed a few of his college requirements.



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