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High School Homeschooling, Jobs And Internships

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Should homeschooling teens be allowed to work?

High School Homeschooling, Jobs And Internships

Homeschooling teenagers involves more than just making sure they do their course work. Teenagers are on their way to becoming young adults and it is your job as parent, teacher and career counselor to ensure they are given every chance possible to make informed decisions about their lives. High school homeschooling teens should be given the opportunity to intern, volunteer or work in their fields of interests.

If you have a teen who is thinking about pursuing a career in nursing, sign the teen up as a volunteer at a hospital or free clinic. If your child is interested in animal care encourage the teen to work part-time at the local vet clinic. You can find places for your teen to work or volunteer for most any career field they are interested in – from childcare to cosmetology to auto mechanics and everything in between. Many times teens will discover that they are truly interested in pursuing a career in their field of interest.

Other times teens will decide they detest the career and they will move on to something else. However it works out, giving teens the space and time to pursue their interests can go far in helping them decide what they want to do with the rest of their lives.



6/6/2007 6:44:55 PM
Sandra Gilmore said:

This is a terrific tip. Are there any resources or data regarding the transition of home schoolers into the job market?


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