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Develop Your High School Homeschooling Teen's Interests

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How do I help my teen develop her interests?

Develop Your High School Homeschooling Teen's Interests

Here are some practical tips which can help you develop your high school homeschooling teen's interests:

  • If your teens are a computers geeks let them volunteer their computer skills at a local church, public library or parks and recreation organization. Geneaological societies will also welcome your teens help.
  • If your teens are into politics and social science let them participate in local political campaigns.
  • If your teens are interested in science let them volunteer at your local science museum or college science department.
  • If your teens are into writing, encourage them to keep journals. You can also find a local writing club for them to join where their fiction works or poems can be critiqued.
  • If your teens are into acting enroll them in acting classes or let them try out for community plays.
  • If your teens are into music make sure they have access to teen friendly music cafes. Encourage them to write their own music and participate.



10/12/2006 9:24:49 PM
HHall said:

I completely agree. I have one teen gone living her own life and I am currently enjoying two normal homeschool teens. The teen years are riddled with many emotional and spiritual growths and trials. This is a time for positive enforcement of the self disapline we want for our children. Allowing, encouraging, and being supportive of their interests gives them a feeling of independence. I try to encourage by providing opportunity to experience life away from home. Yet, I know by experience that as parents we must be actively diligent in being involved personally. Even our older teens still need our safe judgement to project them from our worlds sneaky influence.


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