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Benefits of Homeschool and Travel

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How do I teach my children about the culture of an area when we are traveling?

Benefits of Homeschool and Travel

Your children are at a real advantage if they are homeschooling on the road. One of the greatest benefits of homeschool travel is your children will have access to real-life experiences which cannot be duplicated in the classroom. These experiences will stay in their mind long after they have forgotten what they have read.

The important thing to remember when homeschooling on the road is to not fall into the museum trap. Museums are interesting and memorable ways to teach children about an area. However, many children feel if they have seen one museum they have seen them all. Find interesting things to do that will give them “emotional education.” Instead of taking them to a museum to learn about the culture of an area, teach them to observe the people, architecture and even food preferences of the area. Not only does this teach children about the culture of a region, but it also teaches them tolerance towards traditions and people who are different.



4/23/2007 5:29:33 AM
55hi said:

i don't know why any one would want to have to move around all the time


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