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Homeschool Information And Travel Games

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What is a fun, educational game for traveling with homeschoolers?

Homeschool Information And Travel Games

Your children will not be doing their schoolwork the entire time you are traveling. We all know how challenging it can be to travel in cramped quarters. Here is a fun game which will tap into your children's homeschooling information base without them even knowing it.

Most children who homeschool and travel are pretty well educated on various cities and towns. This game will keep their geography skills honed while allowing them to have fun in the process.

  • The first player starts by naming your present location. (We will pretend its Austin.)
  • The second player takes the last letter and has to come up with another location that starts with that letter. (The second player might come up with Nantucket.)
  • The third player continues the game. (The third player may say Tampa or another city, town or location that starts with a T.)
It is important to note that geographical features are possible answers. These could include deltas, swamps, mountains, rivers and more. The game continues until you arrive at your destination, a location is repeated and the players go out one by one, or everyone is stumped.



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