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Homeschool Co-op Programs

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What is a homeschool co-op program?

Homeschool Co-op Programs

A homeschool co-op program is a group of homeschooling families who come together to share the teaching and learning experience. Co-ops generally meet once a week. The general setup of a co-op program will involve one parent who is proficient in math teaching a math class with students. Another parent who is proficient in writing or science may hold a writing or science class for the students and so on. Homeschool co-ops are a wonderful outlet for parents who may not feel they are up-to-par on particular subjects. It is also fun for the children because they can be around their peers. Homeschool co-op programs work very well for any age group.

Homeschool co-ops come in made different shapes, sizes and styles. They can also provide more than just outlets for academic learning. Homeschool co-ops may participate in field trips, plays, sporting events and other activities which the group approves.



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