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Choosing A Homeschool Co-op

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There are a few homeschool co-ops in my area, how do I know which one to join?

Choosing A Homeschool Co-op

It is important to join a homeschool co-op where the parenting styles, worldviews and educational philosophies are similar to your own. Consider the dynamics of the group and ask for a list of their policies, procedures and rules. For instance, you may not want to join a homeschool co-op program which promotes Christianity and has a statement of faith if you are an atheist.

You should also choose a homeschool co-op where your children will be able to socialize with children of the same age and interests. If you have boys and the group mainly has girls, your boys may not feel comfortable. Likewise, if you have middle school aged children and the group is mainly young elementary children, your older children may not be happy in the program.



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