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Homeschool Co-ops May Not Work For All Families

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Should every homeschooling family join a co-op?

Homeschool Co-ops May Not Work For All Families

Homeschooling families do not have to join co-ops. It is purely by choice whether you join one. Homeschool co-ops in themselves are positive groups which help to promote learning and friendships. However, there are reasons why your family may not be good candidates for homeschooling co-op programs.

  • Homeschool co-ops require parental involvement. They are not places to drop children while you run errands. You should not join a homeschool co-op and look upon it as a break. They require much involvement from both you and your children.
  • Do not add more stress to your plate by committing your family's time and energy to a homeschool co-op if you are already overly committed and extended. You and your children will not be able to meet your homeschool co-op requirements and you will let yourself and the group down.
  • If you have babies and toddlers in your family joining a homeschool co-op may interrupt their feedings and nap schedules. Simply wait a couple of years to join a homeschool co-op. Then your youngest children can join in with the group and do pre-school games and activities and it will not be as stressful on them.
  • The homeschool co-op is very active and it interferes with your children's ability to get their schoolwork done at home.



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