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How To Start A Homeschool Co-op

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I can't find a local homeschool co-op, what do I do?

How To Start A Homeschool Co-op

If you do not have a homeschool co-op in your area, you can start one. Here is a general list of what you will have to do to get a homeschool co-op started in your area:

  • Find a location for your homeschool co-op. This could be your local community center, church or even your home. Once your location is decided it will help you determine how many families can be involved.
  • Decide what kind of homeschool co-op you want to have. Your homeschool co-op may be faith based, age specific, subject specific -- such as a reading co-op or math co-op. Write down the goals and expectations of the group and make a folder or information sheet with the pertinent information to give to interested homeschooling families.
  • Advertise the homeschool co-op. You can do this by posting fliers at the library or running a small ad in the newspaper. Be sure to state that there is a screening process for the group if you have implemented one. Be sure to also note if enrollment is limited and if it is on a first come first served basis.
  • Meet with the interested families and brainstorm ideas for the homeschool co-op. This is when parents will talk about their education philosophies, behavior expectations of the children and what they are looking for in a local homeschool co-op.
  • Plan a second meeting with families who are still interested in joining your homeschool co-op. This is when you actually plan out your homeschool co-op schedule and parents volunteer their time to lead classes, watch younger children and more. Keep in mind that some parents are not comfortable leading a group of children. These parents could be in charge of refreshments or being in charge of a monthly newsletter.
  • Start your homeschool co-op under the expectation that kinks will arise and that rules, policies and procedures will have to be put in place as the group grows.



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