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Homeschool Middle School And Hormones

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Is it normal for a homeschooler to be moody?

Homeschool Middle School And Hormones

Part of homeschool middle school involves watching your child change from a child to a teenager. This can be a very hard time for both parents and children. Too much “together time” is hard on any relationship, especially one that involves a hormonal tween! Keep in mind that just because you have bypassed public school does not mean that your child will get a free pass through adolescence and mood swings. Middle school children should be allowed to have their alone time.

Having solitude is part of being a tween and you should not take it personally if your children start to hang out alone in their rooms. When your middle school children do come around to talk, be there to listen. This age group is tricky. One minute they want to be children and the next they want to be mini-adults. Let them take the lead and just go with the flow. Learn to recognize which part of the child you are dealing with and react accordingly.



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