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Take Breaks From Homeschooling Curriculum And Each Other

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My homeschool daughter and I are getting under each other's skin, what should we do?

Take Breaks From Homeschooling Curriculum And Each Other

One thing that is generally not talked about with homeschooling is the amount of time single homeschoolers spend with their parents. Burnout can set in (for both the parent and the children) if alone time is not made a top priority. Part of the homeschool schedule should include at least one hour per day of alone time. Being together 24/7 can wreck havoc on the most blissful relationships. When you have two people together each and every day-- week after week, that only adds to the importance of alone time. Having these breaks each school day scheduled into your homeschooling curriculum can give both the parent and child a chance to regroup and come back to the table in better spirits.



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