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What Is A Homeschooling Umbrella School?

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What Is A Homeschooling Umbrella School?

What Is A Homeschooling Umbrella School?

An umbrella school is a new concept to someone who has never homeschooled before. To put it in a nutshell, an umbrella school is usually a private or religious based school that has an option for homeschooling. What this means is a homeschooling family can sign up under the umbrella school as homeschoolers instead of enrolling as a homeschooling family through the public school system or state. This is good news to parents who may live in a school district who frowns on homeschooling.

It is important to note that many umbrella schools even require more of a homeschooling family. One school may require that you use particular curriculum, another may require that you come in and have regular meetings, while another may simply want an end of the year report filed on your children. Before you enroll with an umbrella school you should be clear about their requirements and be sure you can meet them all.



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