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How Do I Find The Best Homeschool Group For My Family?

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I am looking for a homeschool program that will fill the academic needs of my family?

How Do I Find The Best Homeschool Group For My Family?

If your family is struggling with finding a co-op or homeschool support group intended for the homeschool family, there are many different tools you can implement within your search for the best homeschool program for you.

The first place you might investigate is your local or state homeschooling organizations. Generally speaking, most agencies in this category should be able to provide a local resource or listing of homeschool co-ops that you could then review by visiting websites. It is best to do a complete investigative research on each location, viewing such important documents as mission statements, belief doctrines, member handbooks, newsletters and member comments.

By reviewing the website, you should be able to establish if the co-op has similar belief structures for education, religions, fundraising, parent and child responsibilities within the group, the amount of annual fees or financial obligations. If you do not find anyone that can assist you at the state or local level, it is possible to contact National Homeschool Groups, which might be able to advise or refer you to someone locally to assist with finding a group that is in alignment with your homeschool academic goals.

If you are still unable to find a group that fits your personal family homeschool needs, it might be a good idea to research homeschool co-ops online to determine if there is a charter group you would like to start in your own neighborhood.



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