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Homeschool Groups Grow Out Of Infant Mother's Friendships

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I just had a baby and I am already thinking of homeschooling my child, are there other moms like me somewhere?

Homeschool Groups Grow Out Of Infant Mother's Friendships

The most valuable aspect of a homeschool co-op, support group or club is undoubtedly the socialization opportunities. Finding a homeschool group that has members within the same age group as you and your children is key to enjoying a successful social life combined with your academic goals.

If you are a mother of a toddler that is planning to homeschool, it would be a great idea to join a "Mommy & Me" program that is affiliated with your church or a church that supports your religious convictions. This type of format is often a religious-based program that offers fellowship and crafts to moms while the children learn and play in a supervised nursery or game room. As you grow in your friendships with the women of the group, it is quite often that these same mothers will be contemplating their own academic goals for their young children. As your children grow, so might the relationships of both mother and child.

Thus the transition from a weekly Mommy & Me to a homeschool curriculum co-op would be an easy and successful one. If you begin your planning at the initial stages of your homeschool program, it might be possible to purchase a combined curriculum that everyone in the group could benefit from at home and at your co-op location. Starting a co-op from the group roots can be intimidating but there are many different resources to assist with such an effort. Sunlight Curriculum® is a wonderful Christian homeschool curriculum that specializes in literature-based programs. This curriculum uses a wide variety of popular children's literature to explore our world.



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