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Children Need Quality Role Models, Homeschool Groups Provide A Variety From Which to Choose

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I am a single homeschooling mom and I would like to find positive male role models for my young sons, any ideas where?

Children Need Quality Role Models, Homeschool Groups Provide A Variety From Which to Choose

One of the values of a homeschool group is the exposure your children will enjoy as they interact and learn with other parents and members of the group. If you find that you have joined a working co-op in which parents actively exchange the teaching role with one another, each utilizing their own personal strengths and skills, your child will benefit from many different teaching styles as they process and grow academically.

If you are a single mother, joining a co-op with fathers that actively get involved with the student learning objectives can provide a positive role model for your children. Co-ops can be fundamental to the success of many homeschool programs as they provide a meeting ground for like minds to share and explore new concepts and ideas.

For parents as teachers, co-ops offer an opportunity to brainstorm about thematic curriculum unit, as they get to work together to offer educational opportunities that are outside the general academic box. With parents working as a team combining their individual skills and sharing in the creation of educational objectives, goals and measurements for success, the overall efforts of the co-op create an environment similar to an extended family.

As everyone works together, each member becomes invested in the positive results. This type of co-op encourages parents to create a curriculum that is blended not only with purchased materials but the individual skills of the parents. The combination of creativity, structured learning materials and the personal involvement by both the teachers and the students is an environment filled with enthusiasm and dedication to success.



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