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Some Homeschool Groups Offer Moms One Day Off a Week

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As a homeschooling Mom, I love being home with my kids but sometimes I just need a day to myself, is this possible?

Some Homeschool Groups Offer Moms One Day Off a Week

If you have joined a “one-room” co-op or homeschool group in which parents share the teaching responsibility, it is often common practice for one parent to lead an educational seminar or lesson plan for one day while you take the day off and then later in the week you provide the same service only in reverse.

For many homeschool parents, this type of co-op is ideal as it provides one day in which household chores, errands and other important tasks can be completed without jeopardizing the children's education. For many homeschool parents that choose to join this type of homeschool co-op, there is often team lesson planning in which all of the parents involved create an entire unit that covers all the aspects of the curriculum and then share the different teaching assignments among one another.

This is a great way to recognize and utilize each individual parent's personal strengths. Rather than having to struggle through teaching math, it is beneficial to have the resources of a fellow homeschool parent that is actually a math whiz, exchanging your knowledge of world geography or how to sew.

Homeschool co-ops are designed at their roots to be a resource and support for homeschool families so that everyone's child succeeds. As you search for a homeschool group to join, be sure to investigate the one-room co-op to see if it is a positive addition to your homeschool goals.



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