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Sonlight Curriculum : Christian Homeschooling That Puts God Back into the Classroom

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Is there a quality Christian homeschooling curriculum that I can trust to be spiritually and academically strong?

Sonlight Curriculum : Christian Homeschooling That Puts God Back into the Classroom

Many of today's homeschool families' religious beliefs are the driving force behind the decision to homeschool their children. With this in mind, trying to locate a quality Christian homeschool curriculum is of utmost importance. Sonlight Curriculum® provides quality Christian educational opportunities with many different learning opportunities as well.

For a religious family, guiding children on the path of religion is a very important part of life. In today's world, public schools do not accept the Christian religion as part of course curriculum. Religious beliefs and practices are removed from the classroom in accordance to the United States separation of church and state laws.

For this reason, many homeschool families have taken educational matters into their own hands and are choosing to teach their religion to their children at home. In a homeschool classroom, parents decide what religion is practiced, how their children are instructed about religion, and the manner in which religious topics are taught.

For many Christian homeschooling families, Sonlight Curriculum® is the most realistic step toward homeschool success for both parent and child. Sonlight Curriculum® not only provides quality academic curriculum but also includes scripture verses for children to memorize. It uses age-appropriate lessons to help children learn and understand the Bible, an opportunity unavailable in public schools.



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