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Violence Threatens Our Children in Public Schools

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With all the violence on public and private school campuses, how can I keep my children safe?

Violence Threatens Our Children in Public Schools

The public school system is by no means perfect. For years now, newspaper headlines have reported countless incidents of school violence, shootings, gang activity, and adolescent drug use.

Most adults will agree that teenage children are forced to grow up too quickly, heavily influenced by peer pressure. With an academic community that is getting increasingly more dangerous, it no longer appears to be overcautious to remove your child from this environment.

As both retaliation and safety precaution, many parents have found homeschooling a safe alternative to public schools. Implementing a Christian homeschool curriculum like Sonlight Curriculum® helps parents provide a safe atmosphere in which their children spend much of their formative years. In a home school setting, families can discuss religious morals, beliefs and behaviors without the threats of violence prevalent in much of society.



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