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Christian Homeschool Curriculums

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I want to find a quality Christian homeschool curriculum to use for my children's education, do you have any suggestions?

Christian Homeschool Curriculums

Is faith your motivation to homeschool your children? If it is, then the Christian homeschooling curriculum created by Sonlight Curriculum® would be a great addition to your homeschool curriculum. This Christian-based homeschool curriculum is exciting for both students and learners. Sonlight's rich literature-based program offers a variety of educational tools, readers, and other supplemental curriculum to enrich your child's education.

One of the most important goals within the Sonlight Curriculum® is to keep God in front of each student as they learn and grow academically and spiritually. It encourages children to become emotionally involved with Bible characters and situations and apply them to their own lives. It has been proven that individuals comprehend and retain information more accurately if they are personally attached to it. The more valuable the learning opportunity, the more excited your child will be to return to homeschool activities.

Sonlight Curriculum® uses many different educational tools and ideas to address the different learning styles of all children. As a parent, only you can best assess how your child actually processes information. With this in mind, Sonlight Curriculum® provides many different learning opportunities to support both teacher and student. Each of the different Core™ homeschool curriculums is designed to enhance family closeness, academic success for the student and the teacher, and to stimulate a child's love and understanding of Christ and Christianity.



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