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The First-Day Fears of a Novice Homeschool Mom

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I have finally committed to homeschooling my children and now I am terrified, What if I fail?

The First-Day Fears of a Novice Homeschool Mom

The time has arrived for you to implement the homeschool program you and your family chose. Some time after you decided to homeschool, you felt the panic rush into your brain: “Can I teach my kids anything successfully?”

Many parents experience of rush of exhilaration mixed with fear about their first day of homeschooilng, the moment when it becomes a reality that the kids are not going to go to school anywhere else today or any other day. Today you are their teacher.

The first and most important thing to do is assess your children so that you have something to measure their performance at the end of the year. You need to evaluate and determine how your children learn and how you are going to teach to each child. You will need to know who needs more supervision and who can work independently.

Once the basics are covered, you will begin to go over the curriculum with your children. Establish a schedule and daily routine almost immediately and stick to it. Children need and appreciate routine.



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