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Make Science Come Alive

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Science seems so boring to me but I want to "spice" it up so that my children will enjoy it. Do you have any ideas?

Make Science Come Alive

Children love to explore with scientific concepts in a hands-on format. Allowing your children to actively create, investigate and observe a scientific process is the best method to increase understanding and appreciation of science.

When you begin a science project with your children, it is important that you use scientific terms. While these words are generally three syllables, most children can try to use them in real-life applications during the course of your experiments. Children love big words -- and they love them even more when they understand their meaning and can use them properly.

As you discuss the scientific process, explain that you expect your children to think outside of the obvious when asking questions or investigating their scientific experiment. Explain how different pieces work independently of one another and then define the objective of the experiment. As you prepare your list of materials, have the children hypothesize about what will happen at the conclusion of the scientific experiment.

Remember that the homeschool classroom environment plays a very important part in the overall feel of your scientific experience; so, if possible, create a science area that is specifically dedicated to scientific supplies, magnifying glasses, microscopes and other scientific data and resources. Purchase books about chemistry, science, famous scientists and other scientific decorations to make this area appear special and different from the rest of the homeschool classroom. The more exciting you make science sound, look and feel within your classroom, the more excited your students will be about it.



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