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Playing with Science Sheds Light on Complicated Concepts

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My daughter has a difficult time with science concepts, how might I make it more fun?

Playing with Science Sheds Light on Complicated Concepts

Science museums provide a wonderful environment for children to explore and integrate what is learned in their home school curriculum. Many science museums offer age-appropriate exploration centers incorporating exciting learning opportunities with hands-on interaction.

For a home-schooled child, a day at a science museum can be a day spent in heaven. Suddenly, in-depth science concepts transform into an afternoon of fun exploration and problem-solving in an environment far removed from an actual science lab. Children can experiment with the theory of gravity, the power and force of water, mudslides, electrical currents and other complex science concepts through the fun and excitement of specially designed water tables, air games and sandboxes.

If your family loves science museums, inquire about specialty group rates, home school rates and science museum passes. The Association of Science Technology (ASTC) offers a science pass at their website that can be used at over 250 different science museums across the United States. This is an affordable way to visit multiple science museums at a reasonable price.



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