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Art Appreciation, Up Close

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My child enjoys coloring, play-doh and other crafts, how can I use these hobbies to teach my child about art?

Art Appreciation, Up Close

Planning and preparing a large art unit for your homeschool curriculum can be an overwhelming endeavor, especially if you have little or no prior knowledge of art history or famous artists. However, don't let this lack of familiarity with art hold you back from presenting it to your child within your homeschool curriculum.

As you begin to outline and prepare for your homeschool art history unit, include in your plans two or three visits to the local art museum and neighboring art galleries. If you open your homeschool art unit with an afternoon visit to the local art museum, you will provide an introductory visit to the concepts and ideas that you intend to explore in the upcoming weeks of study. While many children have experience with crayons, markers, watercolor, Playdough and child-size easels, each of these basic concepts will become much more appreciated when standing in front of art pieces that are hundreds of years old.



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