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Homeschool Co-ops Offer a Wide Variety of Experiences

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What are the benefits of a homeschool cooperative?

Homeschool Co-ops Offer a Wide Variety of Experiences

A homeschool cooperative is a group of families with similar interests, beliefs and academic hopes for their children. These families create a co-op with the intention of working together to enhance the educational opportunities that they are able to present within the guidelines of their academic curriculum.

Many homeschool co-ops extend the learning of historical and other segments of the curriculum into a broader and more expansive unit that would be too expensive for a single family. For many homeschool co-ops, the combined efforts often include dramatic reproductions of historical events, including the creation of period clothing, recreation of dietary meals that would have been enjoyed in the chosen era, and dramatic productions complete with appropriate stage and furniture.

Additional advantages of a co-op are the learning opportunities that exist with so many parents involved in the learning process. For many, the homeschool co-op is not only an academic classroom but also a chance for social interaction.



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