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Sunlight Curriculum® Offers Quality Homeschool Curriculum For Junior High Students

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I am looking for a quality Christian junior high school curriculum, do you have any suggestions?

Sunlight Curriculum® Offers Quality Homeschool Curriculum For Junior High Students

The Sonlight Curriculum® program for middle school students is designed to increase the world knowledge and spiritual strength of its teenage students. Within the Sonlight Curriculum homeschool program each of the lessons builds upon the academic growth and interests of the teenage student, using three solid programs in combination to prepare each homeschool teen for their high school years.

The Core 6™ program deals with world history from the historical lifestyle of the nomads until the Protestant Reformation. This program highlights important times and events of world history in a manner that is both inviting and exciting to the teenage student's mind. Included in the program is an insightful and detailed instructor's guide to assist you as you facilitate your child's learning progress. This program provides an exciting investigation into days gone by that both you and your child will enjoy. The next segment of the middle school curriculum is Core 7™.

Core 7™ begins where Core 6™ left off and this segment is World History part 2, spanning the years between the founding of the Holy Roman Empire in England in the early 1550's and traveling through the next 500 years to the fall of Communism. The basic text is combined with a valuable collection of read aloud textbooks, supplemental readers and other educationally enhancing ideas and goals for successful student learning. As your teenage child matures and prepares for high school, the Core 100™ program will also help to facilitate the progression from youth to young adult. This American history homeschool curriculum is rich with traditional historical stories and facts, but is also full of a wide variety of historical fiction to supplement the learning within your home school middle school classroom.



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