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What To Do When Your Homeschooled Child Enters Unknown Territory

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What should I do if my homeschool student suddenly wants to learn about something I know nothing about?

What To Do When Your Homeschooled Child Enters Unknown Territory

As your middle school homeschooled student moves closer toward independence, it becomes obvious to the homeschool parent that is might be time to step back and allow a specialist take the academic wheel to guide your learner into uncharted waters.

For example, if your son or daughter wants to learn a foreign language, it might be best to hire a professional tutor to supplement this portion of the home school curriculum. Don't be alarmed or concerned that you are failing to provide adequate training yourself. Rather, rejoice that you have guided your learner to take on new challenges without fear and to strive to enhance their own knowledge through hard work and dedication. Utilizing the specialized talents of professionals is not something to shy away from; instead it is an educational opportunity to teach your child the importance of seeking out and learning valuable skills from other members of the community. If your middle-school aged son or daughter has approached you with a request to study a subject for which you have no training or prior knowledge, there are many colleges, educational resources and libraries that keep lists of qualified tutors and private instructors. Children watch and replicate the actions of their parents. If you show them how to utilize each and every resource to solve a problem, then you have continued in your homeschool fashion to teach them another valuable life skill.



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