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Homeschooling High School Students Keep Raising the Academic Bar

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Will I be able to teach my child high school curriculum?

Homeschooling High School Students Keep Raising the Academic Bar

For many homeschool parents, the first day of official “preschool homeschool” is the start of their “high school fears”, the nagging concern that they won't be able to provide a quality education for their children during the pre-college years and will ultimately “fail” their children academically. Don't let this happen to you. There is no reason to begin worrying about your high school homeschooling program when it is such a long way away. The very nature of homeschooling is that as your children grow, so shall your own experiences and abilities to provide quality instruction and guidance on higher academic levels. In fact, many homeschool parents report that their experience with the teenage years is much easier than anticipated. By the time most students reach high school, they actively self-direct their own learning objectives and study independently. They have learned to use time wisely and apply themselves in a responsible manner. If your homeschool environment is one that has built upon your child's own ability to learn and to seek out new learning opportunities based upon his own curiosity and interest, you will discover that your teenager will continue to pursue knowledge in this same manner in his adult life. When your child reaches high school, you will have spent many years guiding, instructing and modeling the independent learning methods and skills that you want your child to learn; as you both enter the high school years you will observe your child using these skills and working independently.



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