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NARHS Makes It Possible For Homeschooled Seniors To Obtain Official Transcripts And Diploma

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How can my homeschool student obtain an official looking transcript?

NARHS Makes It Possible For Homeschooled Seniors To Obtain Official Transcripts And Diploma

As your middle school child progresses into the high school curriculum, concerns about college applications may be foremost on your mind. If you are concerned with the college of your choice accepting your homeschool records as accredited, there is another alternative that will provide the valid academic records you want without having to every leave your home or modify your current homeschool program. The North Atlantic Regional High School, NARHS, lets you continue to travel down your own chosen path for the homeschool curriculum while earning high school credits toward an actual high school diploma. The program evaluates your progress using your own tools of measurement and working together, parent student and NARHS advisor create a transcript that fulfills the high school requirements for the state of Maine. As NARHS is located in Maine, the state requirement of 17.5 credits is all that your child needs to complete in order to earn an official transcript. However, it is suggested that college bound homeschool high schoolers earn between 24 to 28 credits to remain competitive with other college-bound high school students. Keep in mind that NARHS is not an online correspondence school. You are still required to maintain your own curriculum and evaluation process. NARHS simply provides guidance and accountability with formal transcripts and a “real” high school diploma from an accredited educational facility.



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