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Homeschool High School Students Faith Often Benefited By Homeschool Environment

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I am a Christian but have been told that using a Christian based homeschool curriculum isn't that important, what do you think?

Homeschool High School Students Faith Often Benefited By Homeschool Environment

For many homeschool high school students, the absence of peer pressure allows them to stand firmly in their beliefs and to follow their own path. Additionally, many homeschooled teens use a Christian homeschool curriuclum, such as Sonlight Curriculum ®, that help to reinforce their religious foundation, making their spiritual foundation that much stronger. While the teen years are still filled with different adjustments in hormones, moodiness, irritability and self-identity struggles; for many teens the academic independence and freedom experienced during their earlier years greatly reducing the internal and external struggles associated with teen angst. This is not to say that every homeschooled teen is perfect and every public or private school teen is a misfit, but rather that the environment of the homeschool teen remains constant during their academic and personal growth while the public or private school teen has to deal with many different and fluctuating outside influences.



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