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Travel Through Time With A Biography Unit All The While Learning To Love History

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My student is enthralled with one event in history and I cannot get her to move on to another subject, what can I do?

Travel Through Time With A Biography Unit All The While Learning To Love History

Often homeschool history students will find a particular time period or professional occupation of special interest; grab this opportunity to inspire your child to study history. A student that is interested in flying might discover the historical importance with the creation of the airplane and the key personalities within the history of flight. Using historical figures as a segue into extended historial facts makes a concrete and realistic transition for any learner in their efforts to comprehend that which at first seemed incomprehensible.

If history is used as a foundation, built upon in a manner that makes the information valuable to the learner, retention and enjoyment are sure to be by-products of the completed class work. A quality history program or unit will create a sense of wonder within the student, a internal urgency to push for further information, a more detailed understanding about their subject and the way the world was affected by it. The benefit of a homeschool classroom is immense in that a student that becomes enthralled with a subject can be constructively guided to study many different curricular topics while still studying their current interest.



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