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Homeschool Language Arts Curriculum Takes Reality Into The Classroom

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is is possible to create a "real life" langauage arts curriculum for my homeschooled son?

Homeschool Language Arts Curriculum Takes Reality Into The Classroom

Many homeschool programs spend a great deal of time preparing their students to become independent and responsible learners. Planning a language arts curriculum is often done in a manner that provides real life skills to be applied in real life situations. For many homeschool parents the homeschool language arts curriculum is a combination of learning to read signs, newspapers, food labels, rules and directions which provide a great starting place for young learners as they become accustomed to the world around them. For many children, learning to adjust, follow guidelines and rules is often an extensive lesson in social behaviors. In this case, a homeschool language arts program that identifies and helps to facilitate understanding in a young mind is a valuable and realistic academic goal.

As the child matures, the homeschool language arts program could extend into business documents, contracts, writing personal checks, reading bank statements, monthly bills and other daily documents that are dealt with in a responsible adult's life. This type of homeschool language arts curriculum is beneficial as it helps children and young adults to realize that language arts is not something studied within a textbook or reader but is actually all around us everywhere we go. As you provided the guided lessons for your child, it will be important to have established a method of assessment for comprehension accuracy. If you have a variety of different lessons and curriculum already planned for your language arts program, slipping these ideas in as independent points of interest will still benefit the awareness of the learner. For example, during a nutrition unit, you could have a language arts lesson on how to read a food label accurately. This extension will satisfy necessary learning in the nutrition unit and extends the homeschool language arts curriculum into the real life applications that will become so important in adulthood



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