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Organization And Accurate Record Keeping Skills Are Fundamental to Successful Homeschool Experience

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Is it really necessary for me to keep accurate academic records for my homeschooled children?

Organization And Accurate Record Keeping Skills Are Fundamental to Successful Homeschool Experience

Any successful homeschool parent will share, often with great enthusiasm the importance and value of organization and home management within their homeschool program. When a family first adopts the concepts and ideas involved in a homeschool program, it soon becomes very apparent that the homeschool is a lifestyle as well as an educational opportunity for the family. As you begin to implement your home school practices, theories and curricular units, you must keep accurate and organized notes for both yourself and your students. Record keeping files should contain curriculum ideas, lesson plans, and field trip information for those sites visited and projected plans, academic goals for each student in the classroom, grades and transcripts. Instruction in organization can also be a wonderful life skill to provide for your students, mentoring their learning, implementation and appreciation of an organized life. The sooner you implement organization into your homeschooling curriculum the more relaxed you will become about the entire teaching process. Using your organizational skills for daily, weekly and monthly lesson planning and scheduling will help your homeschool program remain on target. This is not to say that you have to become a slave to your daily “to-do” list, but rather these tools help you to remain focused on the end goal so that your child's education is always moving in a positive direction. If you are someone that does not have any organizational skills, it would be wise to attend a seminar, check books out from the library or hire someone to help you get started. The sooner you are organized, the sooner you will relax and enjoy the beauty of the homeschool classroom.



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