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Used Book Sales Offer Inexpensive Homeschool Book Resources

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Is there an inexpensive way to pick up books for my homeschool resource library?

Used Book Sales Offer Inexpensive Homeschool Book Resources

If budgeting is a problem in your homeschool goals, seek out free and inexpensive homeschool materials to help create a research and reading library at little or no expense. This is a very easy task to accomplish if you keep your eyes open and watch for bargains. Used book sales are a wonderful way to build up your academic resources without breaking the bank. Private, public and home school co-ops often sell used books at a greatly reduced rate. It is often a good idea to contact each of the schools and school districts in your area in early spring and late summer to inquire about upcoming book sales.

Another key location for used books is the public library. Many libraries sell used books as a fundraiser to purchase newly issued books. Again, another telephone call will provide the dates of sales and the types of books being sold. Many old dictionaries and encyclopedias will provide usable information, even if it isn't the most up to date. It is often a good idea to scour books prior to purchase to insure that the pages are not torn or missing, but generally the book sales will offer quality used books at a reasonable rate. Many public school book sales will include curriculum materials that are no longer being used by the district, grab these up quickly. A critical eye can quickly go through the materials to supplement your current needs with new ideas and methods of learning. You do not need to use every bit of information; often it is the supplemental ideas and projects that can extend what is already going on in your own classroom. Many different curriculums utilize the same popular books but in different methods, by critically reading what you have you can mix and match to suit the needs of your own classroom.



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