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Plenty Of Valuable Resources Available Within The Homeschool Families Community

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I have heard of free workshops at community colleges, city governments and local businesss how do I find these?

Plenty Of Valuable Resources Available Within The Homeschool Families Community

There are many businesses and governmental agencies that provide educational workshops for children of all ages; these are often specific to the company or service that is offering the training. Local city agencies often offer science fairs or learning sessions that highlight the different programs within the government. In our local area, the city government offers a "Science Saturday" that highlights and implements a curriculum that deals with energy efficiency, recycling, native plants and animals and other concepts that teach children scientific concepts and practices that improve the world around them. These activities are age appropriate to the young learner but are also easy enough that older siblings can participate with the young and still enjoy the afternoon.

Home Depot is another resource that provides a free workshop one Saturday per month for children to build or create a project. This workshop is ideal for young children but again has many advantages for the older sibling to assist and learn alongside the younger child. It is a good idea to contact your neighborhood Home Depot to determine when the program is offered in your area. The opportunities for workshops are not limited to these two examples, a quick look in community resource magazines, yellow pages, community colleges, local schools and preschools or web sites will often reveal many different social and learning opportunities in your area. Don't hesitate to try as many different activities as you are able to locate, as each one will offer a different social activity for your homeschool student as well as open up the world for your entire family into new and exciting activities.



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