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Teach Your Children About The Various Careers In Your Community

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Can I take my homeschool kids to visit the fire and police departments on a field trip?

Teach Your Children About The Various Careers In Your Community

Public resources and private businesses will often open their doors to the homeschool family, especially if you call ahead and explain that your interest is in offering your children a look at the different careers and services within their own neighborhood. Fireman, police, paramedics, teachers, dentists, public service offices and other local businesses enjoy showing children the day-to-day details of their work place. For many public services, such as police, fire and paramedics, the children are less likely to be frightened should they ever need such emergency services. A simple telephone call can often lead to educational field trips and tours through your local emergency services and businesses. A visit to the grocery store bakery, butcher shop, machine shop, newspaper print shop, and other businesses within your own community will provide a valid and understandable way for your homeschool student to discover their own place within the society in which they live. As children learn more about the world around themselves, they begin to learn and appreciate their own place of importance. Facilitating a sense of familiarity with the world will enhance your child's appreciation of it as well. Don't overlook the many valuable homeschool resources that exist within your own neighborhood simply because you have never seen them as one.



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