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Using Real Life To Teach Math Concepts Increases Overall Comprehension

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I want to incorporate mathematical learning into my childs daily activities, how might I do this?

Using Real Life To Teach Math Concepts Increases Overall Comprehension

The most important teaching tools involved in providing an educational mathematics program for students is to make the learning objectives fun, relevant to real life and challenging for the learner. A well-planned homeschool math program is going to teach the student the mathematical concepts in a well-organized and realistic manner that will enhance the learning style of the student. Many families have discovered that bringing mathematics into everyday activities often provides a quality learning experience in a real-life setting, enhancing the comprehension of the student. Using the kitchen or grocery store to teach such concepts as sorting foods, counting, fractions thru reading recipes, patterns in food shapes or colors, subtraction or addition through eating and preparing meals or snacks allows the student to submerge themselves into real-life applications. Using concrete items and daily practices to teach mathematical concepts allows children to learn and apply mathematics within their own daily lives. Another real life tool that can facilitate the mathematical homeschool curriculum is learning math through money. All children learn the basic ideas of money within their own lives on a basic day-to-day experience, whether they are homeschooled or taught in a public or private school. However, for the homeschool family, money as a mathematic unit is an ongoing and daily lesson in the making. Using money to teach values, decimals, percentages, interest, making change and carrying and borrowing and other mathematical concepts provides a realistic way for students to understand and apply these skills within their own lives.



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