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Family Game Night Builds Family Memories

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My son is terrified of math, how could I simplify it so it isn't so intimidating?

Family Game Night Builds Family Memories

Family game night, a universal concept to enhance family unity, can provide a mathematical format for learning in any home. However, in a homeschooled home, these weekly family games can become a foundation for the homeschool math curriculum. Many homeschool families utilize the family game night into a nightly gathering of the entire family to enhance the homeschool mathematics curriculum and the family unit. Using card games such as Uno, SkipBo, Cribbage, War and other numerical card games provides an educational format that teaches numbers and strategy through game night fun. Board games such as Monopoly, Life, Cranium and many others also enhance the mathematical thinking and learning skills of the homeschooled student without every opening a textbook. Dice games, dominoes, Legos and Tangrams also provide a learning format through family fun. Critical thinking, strategy, mathematical equations, subtraction, addition, and many other mathematical concepts become a concrete concept when practices through play. As a homeschool family, utilizing games to teach math is a logical transition from fun to learning. A homeschool math curriculum is built upon realistic learning and comprehension scaffolded by the parent. In a family game night format, not only is the family life enriched but the overall comprehension of math, it is enhanced through family playtime. If your homeschooled student is intimidated by the mathematics curriculum that is presented in your current homeschool curriculum, introduce new concepts and explore the basic math skills while playing a game. There are many different games that specialize in specific mathematical concepts, introduce the new concept while actively using it during play and it will remove the intimidation factor almost immediately.



6/17/2011 12:24:13 PM
lary said:

I agree. The best time quality you can give your family is the one you spend together like playing or baking a cake altogether.


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