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Mathematics Explored in the Great Outdoors

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Where can I find valid, real life concepts for my homeschool math curriculum?

Mathematics Explored in the Great Outdoors

There is no greater classroom than the great outdoors; science, math, art, geography, social studies and language arts come alive when you step outside your own front door into nature's classroom. For the homeschooled student, exploring the outdoors is just another subject in their overall homeschool curriculum. Exploring the scientific world of insects, soil, plant life and weather provides real life concrete learning outside of the written world found within textbooks. Science comes alive when a student studies real life concepts that are living in the outdoor classroom; life cycles, food chains, habitats and other scientific theories are much more valuable when investigated first hand by the learner. Additionally, many different sporting activities will provide the mathematic concepts that will enhance the understanding of addition, subtraction, algebraic equations, geometric shapes, measurements and probability. For the kinesthetic learner, math concepts solved through active exploration are the only ones that will make sense. Children are sensory creatures, comprehending mathematics through active participation rather than learning from flash cards and textbook worksheets. While public schools are understanding and applying this concept with more frequency, it has been a mainstay in most homeschool curriculums from the beginning.

If you are someone that is uncomfortable with creating your own mathematical curriculum, it is possible to purchase mathematical curriculums from a variety of company's on the Internet or at a homeschool convention. A very popular Christian based homeschool curriculum is Sonlight Curriculum®. Sonlight provides effective homeschool math programs, complete with in-depth instructors guides to assist and guide you in your role as math teacher.



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