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Getting Past Your Own Math Fears

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I hated math in school, how will I ever be able to teach it to my homeschooled children?

Getting Past Your Own Math Fears

Many homeschool parents freeze up when it comes time to teach mathematics to their children. Still inhibited by their own perceived math failures in life, the homeschool parent often shortchanges their own ability to teach a quality homeschool math curriculum. It is important for homeschool parents to realize that the actual instruction of the homeschool math curriculum allows them to simultaneously teach and learn the mathematical concepts alongside of their children. This teaching and learning environment is of great benefit to both the parent and the child, learning together and facilitating such an environment allows for honest exploration by both teacher and student. The most basic and elementary math skills are the initial stages of any homeschool math curriculum. These are skills that any parent understands, as the ability of the student grows, so will the teacher. Each adjustment in the homeschool math curriculum that is necessary to build a strong foundation for the student will also provide the learning environment for the teacher. The more difficult advanced mathematical skills encountered in the later years, will be tackled one step at a time in the natural progression of skill acquisition. If at some time in the educational process a homeschool parent discovers that they are unable to understand a formula or mathematical process, there are many different text books, online resources or homeschool co-ops and support groups that are available for guidance or resource information. However, it is important to keep in mind, that education is gained through slow and calculated steps, each piece of knowledge fitting together like a puzzle piece, building upon the comprehension of the previous lessons. As you teach a homeschool mathematics program, so will you also learn and enhance your ability to lead your student onto the path of understanding.



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