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Homeschool Math Curriculum Finds Home In The Kitchen

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I love to cook and want to share this skill with my children, can I incorporate it into my homeschool curriculum?

Homeschool Math Curriculum Finds Home In The Kitchen

Teaching children to cook is a lesson in mathematics, science, and language arts. If you teach them to create recipes for holidays and other family celebrations, you can include a bit of sociology in the curriculum as well. There is no better format than the kitchen to teach fractions, addition and subtraction, chemical reactions and the use of reading skills to create and read different recipes. Simple children's cookbooks become invaluable pieces of the homeschool math curriculum. Easy to find and often written in such a manner than children can read and process the recipes themselves, daily tasks suddenly take on mathematical comprehension without the student even realizing what is going on. There are many different children and family focused magazines that offer monthly segments designed to get both parents and children into the kitchen together, an activity that promotes the understanding of basic life skills, increases the awareness of math and science in the daily life of everyone and the enjoyment of spending quality family time together. It is important to realize that the faster our country moves, the further it moves away from the family dinner hour. It is not difficult to understand why the family unit becomes more disjointed with the increase in busy schedules. Many commercials now advertise the "take out" meal brought home to the kitchen table as the “family dinner hour”. With this in mind, it is important to realize the powerful influence parents have over defining just what is important about quality family time. As parent and teacher in the homeschool curriculum, it is important to not only teach our children the value of their education but also the importance of their morals and values as a positive member of the family and the society in which they live. The most basic of skills, food preparation, is one that is vital to any homeschool curriculum; the kitchen is rich with many academic and social skills that cannot be learned in any other classroom.



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