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The Toddler Years Should Be Filled with Snuggling, Story Time and Music

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Is it okay to read stories to my Toddler, sing and dance and play without drilling him about the alphabet and numbers?

The Toddler Years Should Be Filled with Snuggling, Story Time and Music

Toddlers are a challenge for even the most patient and loving parent. Children that are suddenly mobile cannot be held back, as adults we have forgotten how exciting it is to suddenly be able to go wherever our eyes can see. Toddlers are designed for exploration, down to their pudgy little fingertips and toes. It is important to protect this time in their young lives while not limiting their curiosity. As your baby progresses into the toddler era, make sure that your house is “baby safe,” electrical outlets blocked, poisons and cleaners on a high locked cabinet in the garage and all other potentially dangerous items are well out of reach. Before turning your young one loose in the house, get down on all fours and look at things that might fall, trip, crush or otherwise endanger your baby.

Once you have secured the premises, let your toddler have freedom to roam and interact with your home. Be sure that you remain in the room with he or she at all time, watching, talking and training as questions are asked. When you talk and interact with your toddler, get down on the ground, look your child in the eyes and speak clearly. Remember, while very simplistic, this is a homeschool environment for your young learner, model behaviors such as curiosity, imagination and shower your child with love. Whether you decide to homeschool long term or just during the first five years of life, remember you are your child's first teacher. Now is a great time to visit to purchase their Fiction, Fairy Tales and Fun for Little Learners. This package is a fun and exciting way to introduce academics without actively teaching a homeschool program. If you begin to implement the basic concepts of literature and music in your toddlers daily life through quality Christian preschool homeschool curriculum you will soon discover that as your child grows, so will his academic abilities and interests.



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