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Sonlight®. Com Offers Valuable Christian Preschool Curriculm To Introduce to Your Little One

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How young is to young to introduce the bible to my children?

Sonlight®. Com Offers Valuable Christian Preschool Curriculm To Introduce to Your Little One

Toddlers and Preschool children love to interact with their environment in a physical manner. The early learning years are intended to be informational, with children gathering information through sensory exploration; movement, touch, sight, smell and taste are very important parts of the toddler homeschool curriculum. The important role as the teacher within the preschool homeschool curriculum is to make sure that the environment is safe, that the child does not put unsafe items into their mouth and that the freedom to explore is filled with many different opportunities for learning. If it is possible, provide multiple learning opportunities for your child to encourage the learning process. Offering water colors, finger-paint, children's sewing cards, puzzles, stringing beads, blocks and other small motor skill focused toys will allow your child to work on building his small motor skills. Additionally, offering physical activities for large motor skills such as riding toys, balls, outside play equipment and other games will encourage a healthy movement and the building of large motor skills. Toddlers enjoy learning about textures as they begin to explore the world around them, offer opportunities to explore and discuss items that have various textures such as soft, rough, smooth and hard. Provide different opportunities to revisit this concept to enhance comprehension. Use these terms as your child shares different items and investigations with you, increasing his vocabulary and beginning the important process toward academic excitement. As you and your child begin this wonderful learning adventure, remember to offer plenty of free choice time, as this will help your child to use to learn their imagination and will introduce the concept of independent creativity, an important independent life skill. When your toddler begins to slow down, use this time to introduce the Bible and God by reading stories from your Family Time Bible. Young children are fascinated with God and the stories from the Bible, the sooner you introduce these stories, the more comfortable your child will be in their faith. If you do not have the Family Time Bible, it can be purchased online at



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