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As You Do So Will Your Child, How To Create A Lifelong Leaner

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Is it really so important to read to my child every day?

As You Do So Will Your Child, How To Create A Lifelong Leaner

Toddlers learn a great deal of their initial information through the observation of mom, dad and siblings. If you want your child to learn to live a peaceful and loving lifestyle, you will need to model those same behaviors. As you begin to adopt the Christian preschool homeschool curriculum, it is important to realize that modeling the behaviors of curiosity, kindness, think aloud and communication will encourage similar behaviors in your young student. Plan daily learning activities that are age appropriate for your child. It is best to keep tasks simple and fun for the very young learner, adjusting and adapting in difficulty as the child grows. Daily story time should become a habit with your child. Babies love picture books and toddlers will request to hear the same story over and over again until you think you might go crazy. Do not despair, with every reading of any story, your child is learning. Read aloud story time, teaches such basic skills such as language sound, vocabulary, color (from the illustrations), how to track print, how to “read” a book, simple small motor skills required for turning pages, which way a book is held properly, each of these is a fundamental foundation skill that will be built upon in the days and years ahead. If you purchased the Level A collection when your child was born, at approximately age 4 it would be a wise investment to purchase the Level B collection. This level is appropriate curriculum for your child from the ages of 4-6 years. As your child continues to grow through the Sonlight Curriculum® programs, your continual introduction of this literacy rich curriculum will create a lifelong reader.



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