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Invest In Your Child's Academic Future, With Quality Christian Preschool Curriculum From Sonlight Curriculum®

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Is it really necessary to purchase so many different books, music and art supplies for my preschool student?

Invest In Your Child's Academic Future, With Quality Christian Preschool Curriculum From Sonlight Curriculum®

Toddlers learn through visual, auditory and sensory stimulation. Music is a joyous way for toddlers to sing, dance and express pleasure through freedom of movement. Filling your house with songs from children's CD's, children's dance videos and simple dancing for joy in your own home, you will create a friendly and heartwarming learning environment for your child. Children celebrate the little things in life with extreme joy, creating a joyful environment encourages the uplifting attitude in everyone. If your child enjoys comedy and silly play, create a puppet theatre out of a large cardboard box and provide plenty of puppets for your toddler to choose from; have your child perform for you and other family members. Story time and sing-alongs are a fabulous way to expose your toddler to a wide vocabulary and to academic growth. Counting songs, the ABC song, and other popular children's songs provide fun and excitement to the educational process; children don't even know that they are learning academic concepts. As your child sings counting songs along with you or a compact disc, they are learning the concepts of numbers, counting forward and often counting backwards as well. If you don't have any children's music in your house, purchase the Level A complete preschool curriculum from Sonlight Curriculum®, their musical collection will have your child dancing and singing and immediately learning number concepts, number songs, patterns, the alphabet and other complex concept set to music. Once you began to incorporate the Level B Kindergarten curriculum from Sonlight Curriculum®, your child will already have a clear grasp on the basic concepts and ideas that were presented within the music.



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