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Sincere Praise Pleases Even The Youngest Learner

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I want to recognize my child when she does the right thing but my compliments fall short, how might I have better success conveying my pride?

Sincere Praise Pleases Even The Youngest Learner

When a child is immersed in a safe learning environment that encourages play, the academic benefits are immense. As the teacher/parent within your homeschooling experience, it is important to recognize and verbalize the different positive things that your child accomplishes. There is a saying in educational circles, “Catch Them Doing Something Good” which is very powerful. Teach your child the importance of making the correct choices by recognizing them with sincere praise. Many parents get caught up with the idea of having to reward their child for every correct action that they make; this isn't always the correct way to recognize your child. If you teach your child the personal satisfaction of having done the right thing, they will grow into adults who do not define success through the positive feedback of others, but as children who can stand strong by their own faith and determination. Independence is a key component in the homeschool environment, teaching your child to be accountable for his or her actions will teach integrity and character. The Bible is a wonderful compass for anyone as they journey through life. Teach your children to seek guidance, counsel, comfort and support in God's word. If you do not have a children's Bible, consider purchasing one from Sonlight Curriculum®. Additionally, there are many different verbal and physical signs of support, encouragement and praise that the parents can use when recognizing good behavior. Using these forms of recognition and rewards will go a long way in the success of your young child. As you praise your child, encourage and recognize who they are and what a great job that they are doing, make sure your comments are specific and sincere. Your child will see through a phony compliment immediately.



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