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Aventrues In Learning Provide Answers For Life

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I have heard the term "learning centers" but I am not really sure I understand what it means.

Aventrues In Learning Provide Answers For Life

As you begin to implement your preschool homeschool curriculum, it is important that you create an environment that encourages a variety of learning opportunities in one space. For the early learner, everyday is a day of discovery and knowledge acquisition. It is through manual explorations that children learn about the world around them. Toddlers and preschool children grow and change at an alarming rate, ask any mother how quickly time passes as she is watching her first born son leave home for college. Activity or learning centers are a great opportunity for young children to move around a room visiting different learning concepts and still being free to explore without boundaries. The different learning centers need to be simplistic, free roaming and have unlimited access. A young child will move from center to center like a butterfly in a flowerbed. Many ideal learning centers have one general theme or concept that is being introduced through a variety of different mediums placed on different tables or flat surfaces around the room. Creating centers such as dramatic play or housekeeping, a puppet center, music or listening center, a reading cubby or quiet spot, math center, science center and an art center are all equally valuable to have available for your young student. The more available these different concepts are, the more comfortable your child will be in exploring them. Young learners take time to explore a concept, however the exploration takes place in broken time frames throughout the day. Don't be in a hurry to change your themes too often. Children love to have time to play. If you pay close attention to your child's interaction with the different centers, you will know immediately when it is time to change. If you are unfamiliar with planning and preparing preschool or kindergarten curriculum, the Christian curriculum company, Sonlight Curriculum® has many valuable resources available; exciting games such as memory, alphabet BINGO, pattern building activities and many other games to entertain and educate your child.



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